About Us

Griman Packaging

Griman – Guangzhou Griman Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. We are committed to providing competitive advantages for catering companies, coffee chains, beverage chains, bakery shops, star hotels, convenience stores, supermarkets and food companies, the overall solution of packaging containers and supply chain management create maximum value for customers. We are a domestic enterprise integrating Technology Research and Development, Product Design, Production and Sales.

Our Production

1. We will send the raw materials for inspection, and only the raw materials that meet the relevant testing standards will be selected. 2. All products will be produced in food-grade dust-free workshop to ensure the hygiene and safety of products. 3.We will carry out small batch trial production before formal production, and test the quality of the trial production products. We will start production when everything is perfect. 4. After the completion of all products, we will carry out spot QC on all products. Shipment will be arranged only after there is no problem with the inspected products.

Our Philosophy

After nearly 10 years of operation in the food packaging products industry, we have accumulated a lot of ability and experience. But just because we have been in the food packaging industry for so many years, we began to seriously think about and face a problem, that is environmental protection. Although we started as a company specializing in disposable plastic drinking cups and plastic lunch boxes, but under the increasingly severe environmental problems at present, we began to put environmentally friendly food package that can be completely degraded in a more important position. With more environmentally friendly raw materials and more environmentally friendly production environment, we are transforming our product chain step by step. We advocate all people to use environmentally friendly degradable disposable food package, but also hope to do their own contribution to environmental protection.