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Custom packaging and boxes can turn your brand into the total package with full customization, instant quoting, and fast turnarounds.

Griman Packaging

Griman – Guangzhou Griman Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. We are committed to providing competitive advantages for catering companies, coffee chains, beverage chains, bakery shops, star hotels, convenience stores, supermarkets and food companies, the overall solution of packaging containers and supply chain management create maximum value for customers. We are a domestic enterprise integrating Technology Research and Development, Product Design, Production and Sales.







Beat My Quote

Are you worried about the prices? Fret not, as top packaging service providers, we provide the best custom boxes at dirt cheap rates.

Packaging Products​

Get the best bang for your buck with Griman Food trending packaging products. If you're in search of a food box, we have the right inventory for you!

Ordering Procedure

We have a simple four-step order process. You don't have to move an inch to order from us. Our exquisite services are only one click away


1. Confirm all the details of the product like size, material,quantity and price
2.Confirm product design (we will provide design services but customers needs to give us necessary designing factors like logo)

Place Oder

1. Confirm the sample. ( Digital samples and formal samples are available )
2. After the sample is confirmed, we will arrange the formal order to the factory for production.


The production cycle of the product is generally 15~30 days (It varies product to product ). If the order does not need customization and there is inventory, we will arrange delivery within 3 days.


We can help customers arrange door-to-door (DDP) or to port (CIF) freight services according to their needs. (Including air and sea). We will timely monitor the logistics after shipment and timely feedback to customers.


Choose Us

Our products stand out the available products in the market. We provide premium support and high quality products. our services are trustworthy and high-end. 

Trust Building – We believe in trust building of our clients. We provide ultimate support which helps our clients to be more comfortable with our products.

High Quality products  – Our products are of best quality and we customize according to the client’s needs

 Free Shipping and 24/7 support – We provide free shipping with short time to meet expedite services

Free Design Support – Our in-house designers are available 24/7 to assist with your design related needs.

Our Happy Clients!

Its not about what we present but what makes our Clients Happy. We are proud to share mutual success of clients and ours in term of packaging. We ought to put in the best and our customers feedback reflect our Successive Work

Kelly Smith

I could not believe how fast we began production and the delivery times can never be beaten by any company i tried. I am very satisfied with there service and product quality. Can't express my experience about them.

Rachel Green

I will highly recommend this The Premier Packaging because they provide best quality custom boxes all our united state. Out of boundary! If you want to make your brand more eye-catching. Try The Premier Packaging.

Jeff Wilson

Highly recommended! Great quality packaging for unbeatable prices. Jeff was very friendly and communicative. Love The Premier Packaging. They Provide Free Shipping also with free desing support.

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