How To Customize

Step 1: Confirm all product details: size, material, custom or not, quantity and price. (We will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective products according to customer needs)

Step 2: Confirm product design: if necessary, we can provide relevant design services for customers, customers need to inform the general design requirements or plans, and provide necessary patterns, texts and other design materials and elements.

Step 3: Proofing. (Digital proofing and formal machine proofing for choice.)

PS: digital proofing price is low, proofing cycle is short, but there may be color difference. The formal machine proofing price will be higher than digital proofing, the cycle is also long, but the proofing samples and the quality of the formal order is completely consistent.

Get Your Unique Product

We wil start to produce your unique customized products after you confirm that all the sample details are correct.

Greman packaging will provide you with professional outer packaging products. We have professional designers to provide you with product design reference, and have a rich variety of raw materials for different needs.

We provide free design for all customers, free proofing service, welcome to consult.