How do i place an order?

You can contact us through the website, email, phone, WhatsApp or our social media account, and we will arrange customer service to provide you with consultation and confirm the order as soon as possible.

Can i customize my product?

Yes, we accept product customization services, as long as customers provide relevant design drawings or design ideas, we can provide one-stop product customization services. Customers can customize the design, size, material, etc. of the product according to their own needs.

Shipping and delivery time?

The production cycle of an order is determined by the product type of the order. Generally, for products that do not need to be customized, as long as the stock is sufficient, we will arrange to ship them within a week. The production cycle of products that need to be customized is generally 15 to 30 days, depending on the product type and customization requirements.

Can the product provide relevant quality certification?

We will provide relevant product qualification certification according to customer needs. Such as FDA, CE, ISO etc.

Can I track my order?

We will provide the tracking number of the order and timely monitor the logistics after shipment and timely feedback to customers.
According to the way of freight, provide the customer with the required customs clearance information in the first time, and give corresponding consultation and help in customs clearance.

What should I do if the product is damaged during transportation?

First of all, during the production stage, we will provide customers with some spare products beyond the total number of orders, so as to ensure that the total number of products received by customers minus possible losses will not be lower than the total number of orders. If the order is accidentally damaged on a large scale during transportation, we will contact the customer to negotiate a reshipment or refund.